Winners Stores Survey: Can You Save Money On Luxury Fashion?

Brands are extremely important in fashion. It’s not just a sign of good quality but also of style, symbolism, and, most importantly, prestige. It’s much easier to make a good impression if you are wearing Gucci and Rolex. But it’s not necessary to go out and spend all your money on brands.

Off-price clothing stores, such as Value Village, TJ Maxx, Homesense, and Fox, are offering great prices for the best brands. This article is all about the Canadian brand Winners and what I was able to find there for my family and me.

What is Winners?

Founded back in 1982, Winners is one of the oldest off-price department stores in the world. I’m sure that at some point, they had almost all major brands on sale with a big discount in their stores.

Visiting them is a pleasure and saves time because they are designed for a modern shopper. There are no walls between departments, so you can easily stroll around the lanes and scout for what has the best price.

The collections are constantly changing, with new items being put in stores almost every day. If you really have the dedication, you can visit Winners every week and find something new to freshen up your garderobe.

Unlike many brand-name stores, there is no one fashion brand that Winners follow. It’s all dedicated to providing low prices rather than one style. If you know what you are looking for, you’ll find something cheaply from the large selection of clothing, shoes, handbags, and accessories.

Prices At Winners

You can expect something around 20% to 60% lower in brand prices than in their respective stores. They often include “compare at’ prices that might be a bit inflated. You should take them with a grain of salt, as it looks like a marketing trick.


Nevertheless, the prices are indeed much lower than in original stores. The percentages might be lower, but you will certainly save in all categories. Granted, most clothes are for women, but you will certainly find something for your husband and kids as well.

Are the Products Fake?

There are some rumors floating around the internet that Winners sells fake brands. These worries are entirely ungrounded but should be addressed nonetheless. First of all, selling fake branded goods is strictly illegal in all Western countries.

Winners have more than two hundred shops in North America, which makes them undeniably one of the largest retailers. Surely, the government would audit them and find any fakes if they were selling them.

The rumors likely come from the competitors to undermine Winners and convince customers to pay more for the same products in their brand stores. If you are still unconvinced, you can be sure about the originality of the clothes you bought by simply checking the collections in the original stores.

Are there Plus Size Options?

Yes, Winner is a great place to find plus-size clothing options. You will need to look for such an offer specifically, though. But I cannot say that it’s something extraordinary for all the selections you can find in Winners.

The fact is that you need to hunt for everything more specific in Winners, and that includes plus-sized accessories. If you are going with the intention of buying a plus-sized swimming suit, for example, Winners isn’t the place, but you can stumble on something like it accidentally.

Winners Gift Cards

Gift Cards are a prepaid payment method that can be purchased for a specific amount and then spent at a specific store later on. There are some types of Gift cards that can have money added to them later, but Winners does not offer such.

Instead, you can purchase physical or digital Winners gift cards with a fixed amount to spend in Winners stores. The store itself promotes these cards as a great way to purchase gifts for those who favor hunting in Winners stores.


Gift cards are also a great way to budget your expenses. If you allow yourself only one $50 dollar Winners gift card per month, you won’t spend any more on clothing that month. But gift cards get even better when you find ways to acquire them effortlessly.

Many online platforms offer various small jobs, often called micro-tasks, in exchange for rewards. This can be bank or PayPal transfers, discounts, and gift cards, including from off-price shops like Winners.

For example, by following this link, you can find ways to acquire Winners gift cards by simply answering questions. It will take you only around 30 minutes per day, but you can acquire at least $10 worth of gift cards almost effortlessly.

What’s The Catch?

With all the discounts, gift cards, and just simply low prices, the question begs itself – where’s the catch with Winners? The secret to their method is smart shopping strategies. Just like you and me, they hunt for better prices, but on a larger scale.

Winners buy clothing, wear, and other accessories in high quantities from various vendors. They are willing to sell these goods for better prices after the current fashion season ends, or the vendor himself doesn’t think he can sell the item for enough profit.

It’s a win-win situation for everyone. Luxury brands are able to sell excess clothing and lower storage costs, and Winners get the best prices for their customers.

The catch, if we may call it so, is that you won’t find current trends in Winners and will need to participate in a treasure hunt of sorts. Otherwise, the products are perfectly good to purchase, and you won’t find any fakes.


By actively scouting for deals, using gift cards, and visiting multiple shops, you are likely to find high fashion at low prices. As with all fast fashion and off-price clothing stores, you will need to spend significant amounts of time shopping. If that’s a hobby you like, Winners is a great store to visit in Canada.