How to Protect Customers from Scammers on Your Website

Online purchasing has always been connected with some risks and that is obvious. With the increase in online ordering of services and products, frauds and scams became even more frequent. This means that the best security mechanisms should be implemented to protect customers from identity theft, account takeover, and other potential threats.

Here in the article, we will share a couple of approaches that can protect your customers as well as VPS server from unauthorized activity.

Use the Benefits of Cryptocurrency

The first crucial recommendation for the improvement of the security for the customers is to offer payment with the cryptocurrency. Lots of businesses offer purchasing with crypto mainly because of the confidentiality of online transactions and anonymity for the clients. With the implementation of this method and encouraging your customers to use it, you can significantly minimize the chances of cybercriminals interfering in the payment process.

Offer Authentication

One more great option for protection is utilizing multi-factor authentication. The percentage of frauds, when a criminal tries to use stolen/weak passwords for unauthorized activity, has immensely increased during a short period of time. With the incorporation of 2-factor authentication, it is possible to create one more layer of protection for online transactions or just entering an account.

The process of authentication is really quick and doesn’t require additional effort from the customers. The code will be sent to the user’s email address or on the phone, and legitimate clients can easily fill in the short combination of letters/numbers. However, the scammers will hardly deal with this scenario easily.

As a method of authentication, the secret question or voice recording may be also used for the checks of your identity. The most typical way is by incorporating a phone with code that is sent on it so scammers cannot pass this layer of protection.

Regular Updates of the System

Some companies can invest lots of money in the improvement of security, hire professionals who can help with cyberattacks, or purchase expensive tools for the protection of sensitive information, and these will of course help. However, in most case scenarios such easy steps as regular updates of the software can immensely influence the vulnerabilities of the system and even fix some bugs in a matter of seconds.


Just check whether everything is regularly updated on your server, and you will have much more peace regarding the customers’ safety.

Tools for Fraud Detection

The majority of fraud detection tools can help with the prevention of attacks, detecting strange activity, or at least minimizing suspicious behavior. Among a variability of options, we can specify such as Apache Metron which is a scalable framework for deep analytics so that companies can quickly react to emerging problems. One more open-source variant is ELK Stack which consists of Kibana, Logstash, and Elasticsearch. Some other good variants can be such as FICO, IBM Payments, and SAS Security Intelligence.

Inform your Customers About the Existing Practices

Now when you are aware of the basic security mechanisms and can implement them according to the business needs, we can proceed to the next important step. Try to inform your clients about the available risks and the most effective methods of protection against scams and various suspicious activities.

The first important thing for clients to be aware of is that the password should be strong and must be changed regularly. With regular changes and the creation of unique passwords, it is possible to significantly minimize scamming. Also, review the settings and change them to create the highest possible security measures.


A couple of additional pieces of advice are connected with the strange links. It is highly recommended to avoid clicking on strange attachments or unknown links.

The security of the online transactions is also crucial. All the clients should have access to safety payment options including cryptocurrency. With the usage of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, or other virtual currencies, you can significantly protect your personal information. Moreover, it is possible to make almost confidential payments, save on international fees, and more.

Summing Up

Protection against online scammers is a complex process that includes both informing the clients about the possible risks and improvement of the security measures on the website. The customers should be well-informed and understand the red flags as well as basic strategic approaches that can prevent online fraud.

Among the most practical methods that could definitely help when dealing with online scammers are the implementation of detecting tools, regular system updates, usage of 2-factor authentication, and of course selection of the most secure payment methods. The most secure option for anonymous and quick online transactions is considered to be cryptocurrency. Due to blockchain technology, users can be sure in the transparency of all the processes and can select the coin based on personal preferences.